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Riot Ice Cream DIPA

Continue to look out for this little beauty. There’s still some about in bottle and keg.  A delicious rich and flavour packed Double IPA.  Stacks of vanilla and lactose for the ice-cream lusciousness and then massively dry hopped with a load of Citra for hoppiness.  Collab The Real Ale Shop. Limited Edition.  8.5%



New IPA “Reasons to be Cheerful”

reasons 281As we head into longer and hopefully brighter days, we’ve created a new and exciting beer, Reasons to be Cheerful.  It forms part of our Special IPA range. 

Look out for this tropical fruity, satisfying, rich and juicy IPA, with a slight tingly bitterness to finish.  There’s a rich aroma of mangoes and pineapple.  It’s dry hopped with Vic Secret from Australia as well as Amarillo from USA. 

This is our second nod to Ian Dury of the Blockheads.  The first was Rhythm Stick IPA which will be out again in a couple of months.  Mr Dury has a bench dedicated to him in Poet’s Corner in Richmond Park.  This was no ordinary bench, prior to be vandalised, you could plug in your headphones and listen to his music while taking in the view, via special solar panels in the arms.  Although this facility no longer exists, it’s still a great spot in Pembroke Lodge gardens.

You’ll find this beer available in our local bottle shops.  Please refer to our stockists page.

A special thanks to Ian Dury’s family for allowing us to use these names.

The Mystery Behind Our Names

The Mystery Behind Our Names

The Park Brewery is situated near Richmond Park.  We’ve used the unusual place names inside the park to name our beers. The map above highlights the individual locations of our core range of beers and proves Spankers Hill Wood does actually exist.  While we’re at it we have nothing at all against cats, we like cats, cats are great, we just happen to think Killcat is a good name for a pale ale.

We’re based at the southern point of the park in Kingston upon Thames.  We’re currently the only brewery in our home town.  Our location is important to us and we celebrate being local as well as resurrecting Kingston’s rich brewing history.

The Park Porter

Park Porter

The Park Porter v2 is now ready and coming to a crafty establishment near you soon. It’s available in both bottle and cask ready for the cold wintery nights ahead. Our porter is brewed with lactose providing a silky smooth finish. Yum.

ABV: 4.3%

IBU: 10

Aroma: Dark Chocolaty notes and roasted coffee

Taste: A delicious silky smooth chocolate coffee delight

Hops: Lightly hopped with Cascade


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