We are sorry to announce that our amazing, gold award winning, Lemon Sour IPA cans have been recalled.  More importantly if you have one in your possession, please be sure to dispose of it carefully (details below).

Due to an unexpected secondary fermentation in the can, accelerated by the recent heat wave, some of the cans we have in storage have been exploding. It is most likely due to the lemons, used in the conditioning process, prior to packaging.  We will be looking into this in more detail to avoid it happening again.

We are removing them from all shops and outlets and have disposed of all the remaining cans at the brewery.

If you still have a can, please make sure you handle with care. If it is stored in a fridge there is a good chance it will be ok and still drinkable cold. If it is not, then be careful, as the pressure has built up inside the can and it is very likely that the top will explode.  We are using rubber gloves and goggles to dispose of the cans, placing them in a bucket of cold water and then opening them under water and disposing of the contents.  In some cases, just moving the cans is enough to make them blow, so please keep at arm’s length and be extremely cautious.

We are absolutely gutted about this and sorry to anyone who has been affected. It is a real shame that such a great beer (probably one of our best) has come to such an abrupt end, however, the safety of our customers comes first.

Please handle with care and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us


Dragon Boat Race

We have finally got our act together this year and will be taking part in the Kingston Rotary Club annual DRAGON BOAT RACE on the 21st July 2019.

This is a massive event in the Kingston summer calendar with each of the 60 teams raising money for charity, while attempting to win races on the river, in teams of 16.

Our first training session was on Monday evening. A brutal introduction to the sport, in the lashing rain. We donned our waterproofs and toughed it out, even had a bit of a laugh, eventually being forced to come in due to thunder and lightning!

We have chosen to support the FRIENDS OF RICHMOND PARK dedicated to the conservation and protection of the park. There is so much work which goes on behind the scenes to keep this 2,500 acres of National Nature Reserve & Site of Special Scientific Interest, as amazing as it is. I’m sure most of us locals, take it for granted.

So please support us and the future of Richmond Park by sponsoring us, here’s the LINK



And if you happen to be free on the 21st July – come and cheer us on! We’ll need all the help we can get!

Look at us! New brewery site,
new kit, new taproom and NEW WEBSITE!

We’d like to say an enormous THANK YOU to Vincent Johnson and Team for the kit, the installation and the laughs. We’re working on a kit now which less than 4 years ago we could only have dreamt about. And we LOVE it. The beer is tasting better than ever.

Another thank you to the amazing Claus Lundholm who has put this website together for us. It’s awesome.

Not forgetting a big shout to Rod Smith for all his designs and patience. Logo, cans, booklets, beer mats. You’re a legend.

Keep an eye on this as we attempt to update it more regularly with a list of current beers available.

More soon…

Moving on up

A big old year this is turning out to be and it ain’t over yet!

After an amazing crowdfunding campaign, we’ve moved on and are now in the process of fixing up our new site in Kingston upon Thames.  Staying in our hometown has proved challenging with such little choice in terms of affordable industrial units, at the right size, in the right place.  But we’ve done our best and we’re very happy with our new location just here.

Thanks to our amazing shareholders, we’re very close to installing our brand new kit and tap room, forming a fantastic team and getting this show on the road.

This is our ground floor brew house area. Walls on, lights up, ground works in progress…


Upstairs future tap room (a few wires to clear up!)


We look forward to welcoming you to our new site SOON!


New Pale Ale – Tread Lightly

Taking the lead from The Friends of Richmond Park and its ‘Tread Lightly’ nature conservation campaign,  we’ve launched a new pale ale.

The Friends’ conservation campaign features an award winning film in which David Attenborough urges people to ‘Tread Lightly’ when visiting Richmond Park.  See the film at:

To spread love and respect of Richmond Park’s wildlife, we’ve launched a limited edition beer called Tread Lightly which has been brewed with locally sourced ingredients. The beer is exclusively brewed and dry hopped with newly released English hop Olicana

Given its name this a low ABV (3.2%), session beer with delicate and subtle flavours and hints of tropical fruits. We hope to reinforce the key messages of the campaign and remind people to leave nothing behind and take nothing away when visiting the park.






New Year – New Beer Sylva

Happy 2018! Hope you all had a fantastic break.  We’re excited for the year ahead, with some amazing tasty beers in the pipeline to share with you including seasonal special, Sylva.

Exclusively hopped with new hop, Idaho 7, this golden pale ale packs a fruity punch of summer berries and sweet fruits. Low on bitterness, it’s light and delicate and deliciously moreish.

In case you’re wondering, in 1919, Sylva Boyden, was just 17 years old when she became the first woman in England to skydive.  She was in Richmond Park watching the Royal Flying Corps test a new parachute.  Sylva was intrigued.  She lied about her name and age and managed to sneak through the system and have a go herself.  ‘The famous English Airgirl’ as she became known successfully completed 3 jumps that first day.  Sylva was hooked.  She travelled throughout Europe living the dream and completed over 150 parachute jumps in her lifetime.   We thought this was a story worth sharing and a life worth celebrating.  Thanks to the Hearsum Collection for bringing Sylva to our attention.

Pump Clips_250217.inddLook out for it on cask too, it’s doing the rounds at our usual haunts.

Also please save these dates – 2nd February 2018 we’re at The Boaters for a tap takeover and 3rd February 2018 we’re back at Ham Parade Market selling our bottles and gift packs between 10am – 2pm.

Open Day dates will follow shortly.

Hope to see you soon.

Riot Ice Cream DIPA

Continue to look out for this little beauty. There’s still some about in bottle and keg.  A delicious rich and flavour packed Double IPA.  Stacks of vanilla and lactose for the ice-cream lusciousness and then massively dry hopped with a load of Citra for hoppiness.  Collab The Real Ale Shop. Limited Edition.  8.5%



New IPA “Reasons to be Cheerful”

reasons 281As we head into longer and hopefully brighter days, we’ve created a new and exciting beer, Reasons to be Cheerful.  It forms part of our Special IPA range. 

Look out for this tropical fruity, satisfying, rich and juicy IPA, with a slight tingly bitterness to finish.  There’s a rich aroma of mangoes and pineapple.  It’s dry hopped with Vic Secret from Australia as well as Amarillo from USA. 

This is our second nod to Ian Dury of the Blockheads.  The first was Rhythm Stick IPA which will be out again in a couple of months.  Mr Dury has a bench dedicated to him in Poet’s Corner in Richmond Park.  This was no ordinary bench, prior to be vandalised, you could plug in your headphones and listen to his music while taking in the view, via special solar panels in the arms.  Although this facility no longer exists, it’s still a great spot in Pembroke Lodge gardens.

You’ll find this beer available in our local bottle shops.  Please refer to our stockists page.

A special thanks to Ian Dury’s family for allowing us to use these names.

The Mystery Behind Our Names

The Mystery Behind Our Names

The Park Brewery is situated near Richmond Park.  We’ve used the unusual place names inside the park to name our beers. The map above highlights the individual locations of our core range of beers and proves Spankers Hill Wood does actually exist.  While we’re at it we have nothing at all against cats, we like cats, cats are great, we just happen to think Killcat is a good name for a pale ale.

We’re based at the southern point of the park in Kingston upon Thames.  We’re currently the only brewery in our home town.  Our location is important to us and we celebrate being local as well as resurrecting Kingston’s rich brewing history.