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We’ve just re-released this banging seasonal special: Reasons To Be Cheerful Pale Ale 5.0% ABV.

Filled with tropical, pine and grapefruit flavours. Stacked with Cascade and dry-hopped with one of our favourite hop varieties, Vic Secret. One of our highest rated beers on Untappd. Be sure to get it whilst you can!

As with all our beers, each one pays tribute to our favourite green space – Richmond Park. And we’re not the only one to love the Park. Musician Ian Dury from Ian Dury and the Blockheads has a bench dedicated to him situated in Poet’s Corner, Richmond Park. This bench is inscribed with the title from one of the band’s biggest tracks: “Reasons To Be Cheerful”. According to friends and family, Ian loved to bring his children to the park. We think he was on to something…

For those wanting to go and find Ian’s bench, you’ll be in for a special treat. Find the QR code now located on the bench, scan it, and listen to some of the bands biggest tunes whilst admiring the stunning view. Precise location can be found here.

Big thanks to the Ian Dury Foundation for giving us special permission to use this name on our beer, as well as “Rhythm Stick” IPA which we’ll be brewing again soon!

So go on!! What are you waiting for?? Grab some of this delicious beer and take a couple of tinnies to the park for the full Reasons To Be Cheerful experience!!

Shop Reasons To Be Cheerful now.

Alternatively, come to the tap room to try this tasty beer on tap 😉

See you soon!


Jackdaw American Porter 4.4% ABV is our brand new brew and a modern take on a traditional English-style. Forest fruits, chocolate and coffee combine in this complex modern Porter.

Brewed using a base of Maris Otter pale malt and 6 different speciality malts, including Midnight Wheat, Pale Chocolate and Dark Crystal. Dry-hopped at 9 grams per litre using some of our favourite hop varieties including Magnum, Cascade, Bravo, Citra & Simcoe.

As with all our beers we like to link them up with stories about our favourite green space – Richmond Park. This beer is a nod to the cheeky Jackdaws that make Richmond Park their home. Social and intelligent, they pair for life and help keep the deer in check by plucking their fur to build comfortable nests. No trip to the park is complete without seeing a flock of these small crows.

Fruity and refreshing, grab some of this tasty new beer whilst you can!!!

Shop Jackdaw now.

Stay safe & healthy,

Team PB 🙂

Get ready for our first ever KEG FEST!!!

Our first ever KEG FEST is coming to the Tap Room!!! Running from 10-12th September 2021.

Get ready for stacks of guest lines from all over the country and we’ll be showcasing some of our favourite local breweries too. Tickets are £10 each, including a tulip glass AND your first fill of our tasty beer.

Book tickets online here.

KEG FEST dates and times are: 

Friday 10th September 2021: 6-9pm

Saturday 11th September 2021: 1-3.30pm, 4-6.30pm, 7-9.30pm

Sunday 12th September 2021: 1-3.30pm, 4-6.30pm

BRAND-NEW BATCH of gorgeous Gallows

Come and try our latest brew!! Gallows American Pale Ale 4.5% ABV is back and it’s one of our best batches yet! So proud of this one. A fine fruity mix of mangoes and tropical flavours. It’s a drop of golden deliciousness and one of our most popular beers. You have to try it!

We’ve upped the crystal malts in this batch for a deeper golden colour. It’s then dry-hopped with Simcoe and Mosaic to bring its rich aroma and balanced bitterness.

As with all our beers, each one pays tribute to nearby Richmond Park – our favourite green space. Gallows takes its name from the gallows that once stood near Ladderstile gate.

Come and try this tasty beer on tap at our tap room! We’re open every Friday and Saturday. Now accepting walk-ins. Though we would prefer it if you booked ahead. Book now.

Or, go straight to ordering this new batch of seriously tasty beer from our webshop. Shop now.

Hope to see you at our tap room soon!

Team PB

Spankers Hill West Coast IPA is back and it’s a banger!

Spankers Hill West Coast IPA is back and tasting better than ever!

Bold and juicy with tropical, pine and citrus flavours, Spankers Hill West Coast IPA combines some of our favourite Pacific North West hop varieties in one delicious beer. It’s properly punchy.

We’re super proud of this new batch. One of our best Spankers batches yet. But don’t just take our word for it. Check out the latest reviews on Untappd here. Or, better still come down to our tap room to try it from tap.

We’ve named this beer after Spankers Hill Wood in Richmond park. Planted in 1819, the origin of the name remains a mystery but it’s possibly a reference to a famous racehorse at the time, named Spanker.

If you’re ready to be blown-away by Spankers, buy it now on our webshop. FREE delivery within 5 mile radius of our brewery!

Shop on our webshop.

Speak soon,

Team PB 😉

DON’T MISS our International Beer Day giveaway at our tap room!

We’re giving a FREE half to everyone who drops by our Tap Room to celebrate International Beer Day on Friday 6th August 2021. So, come and enjoy a drink with your mates!!

Walk-ins are now welcome. Though, to avoid disappointment, we would prefer it if you booked ahead. Our tap room is open for 2 x 2 hour sessions:



To book, please email or call us on 02085411887.

We can’t wait to welcome you!

Take care,

Team PB 😊

KLAXONS for our new collaboration beer: ROAD TO FREEDOM

We’re celebrating Indie Beer Shop Day on Saturday 17th July 2021 with our brand-new beer made in collaboration with one of our favourite local shops – 7000 Jars of Beer!

Road To Freedom is a light American wheat beer with notes of honeydew and grapefruit from the whirlpool hops. Then flavours of lemon and red berries from the dry hops.

To celebrate Indie Beer Shop Day, 7000 Jars of Beer is having a covid-secure celebration at their shop. Expect high spirits, free nibbles four banging beers on tap including Road To Freedom, in the heart of Kingston upon Thames!

We’re ecstatic to be taking part in Indie Beer Shop Day 2021. This new beer marks the first time our friends 7000 Jars of Beer have collaborated with a brewery to put their stamp on a super quaffable beer. We’re thrilled to be the blessed chosen one.

As with all of our beers, we like to tie them in with stories about Richmond Park. Road To Freedom is nod to philosopher Bertrand Russell, who grew up in Pembroke Lodge in Richmond Park. “Proposed Road To Freedom” is the title of one of his books.

What’s more, it just so happens that Road To Freedom is launching the weekend before “Freedom Day” in England. We like to think this beer also commemorates our long-awaited road to lockdown freedom.

Shop Road To Freedom on our webshop now.

Stay safe, healthy and see you at the shop party at 7000 Jars of Beer on Saturday.

Team PB 😊

To our cherished England squad…

We’re big fans of football at The Park Brewery. Our co-founders, brewers, dray men and women – we all love it! After the result of the EUROS final, we have a message which goes out to the whole England team.

Thanks so much for getting us to the finals!! It’s been a really shitty year and you united us all for a #EUROS like no other. The bravery you showed on the pitch, from a team so young, is unrivalled. Your courage and confidence will inspire a generation.

If you fancy a pint at our tap room (on us of course) you’re always welcome. Drop us a line 😉

We hope to see you at the next EUROS!!

Team PB x

NEW BEER ALERT!! Lost Farms is LIVE on our webshop

Get your hands on our brand-new brew!

Lost Farms Farmhouse Pale Ale 5.1% ABV has a mouth-watering melon aroma with rich apricot flavours.

A delicious Farmhouse Pale brewed with a saison yeast, this beer is fermented warm which creates a fruity lemon scent with notes of fresh hay. It’s then dry-hopped with Huell Melon and new hop Callista.

As with all our beers we try to link them up to stories from our local park – Richmond Park. This new brew is no different and commemorates the lost medieval farms that once stood on the lands of Richmond Park. In 1637 when King Charles I decided to enclose the Park, these farms were cleared to make way for his intended hunting grounds.

Shop this tasty beer now to try it from the comfort of your home.

Or, visit our tap room to taste it on tap. Open every Friday and most Saturday evenings, please email us to make a booking on

Speak soon!

Team PB 😊

Kingston’s Fine Art Summer Show at our tap room!

Kingston University’s Foundation Fine Art Summer Show will be displaying at our tap room this weekend. Come and see a range of exciting new works and enjoy beer from the tap.

We have Amelia Pale Ale 4.2%, Field Haze New England Pale Ale 4.0%, Rituals of Dawn Coffee Porter 4.5% and guest lager from Orbit Brewery, Nico Köln Lager 4.8%. If not beer, we also serve wine, and prosecco. Plus, there’s bar snacks and you can order pizza from our amazing local – Patio Pizza.

Tickets for entry are £3 each.

Exhibition open hours are:
Saturday, 12-5pm
Sunday, 12-6pm

Book Tickets Now.

Tickets must be shown in order to access this event. Social distancing measured are in place to ensure the safety of everyone involved. As such we have staggered the ticket times to allow for social distancing. Masks must be worn inside the brewery but can be removed while seated.

We hope to see you this weekend!

Team PB 😊


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