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Drumroll!! BALLET LOOP is in the pipeline!!

Introducing Ballet Loop 3.0% ABV, our brand-new beer!!

Named after a well-known cycling route through Richmond Park, Ballet Loop is brewed with a New England yeast strain which helps to elevate the hop flavour and aroma. Although it’s a low ABV beer, it has a rich and juicy mouthfeel, low bitterness and pungent aromas of pineapple, watermelon & stone fruits.

Our cycling friends may be familiar with the Ballet Loop cycle route. The inner Ballet Loop is perfect for beginners (and those only interested in half laps). It takes in the best of Richmond Park via a quieter road away from the cars, and cuts through the middle of the park past the Royal Ballet School, also known as White Lodge.

Keep your eyes peeled as this new beer will be coming to the webshop in the next few weeks.

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New CASK ALES now available in mini-kegs and PUBS

We’ve got two new CASK ALES!

We have a super fresh Spring XPA 3.8% ABV session pale. It’s floral and crisp with a subtle sweetness from the honey added into the boil, and the delicate hop Ariana which provides blackberry and peachy notes.

Plus, we’ve launched a Golden Pale Ale at 4.4% ABV. This has a tangerine and citrus finish from the US hop Cascade and the German hop Mandarina Bavaria, offering a comforting and tasty treat for those longer lighter evenings.

Can’t wait to taste them?

Try these at home with our 5L cask mini-kegs – perfect for a summer garden party or a trip to Richmond Park. Order on the webshop for delivery every Friday. We have a limited stock of these so grab them while you can.

Or, perhaps you’re going back to a pub from 12th April? Be sure to check out the following beer gardens who’ll each be stocking this brand-new cask range:

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KLAXONS please for our NEW Kingston Gate Lager

Kingston Gate Lager is now LIVE on the webshop! This is our brand-new lager, hopped exclusively with English hops and served in a smaller 330ml can. It’s crisp, pale and packed with flavour. Think of English countryside hedgerows and blackcurrants from all the English hops.

We’ve named this lager after our closest gateway to Richmond Park, just a short walk-away from the brewery.

Our cycling buddies or those that live locally might recognise the distinctive hill pictured on the can. Signalling the road home from Ham cross towards Kingston gate, it’s the final bump in the road before Kingston gate comes into view.

From as little as £12 for 6 cans, it’s a lovely light pick-me up if you’re wanting to take a few tins to the Park to treat yourselves after one hell of a different year!

Head to the webshop here.

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How SYLVA is helping women in Kingston

In keeping with the spirit of International Women’s Day 2021, for every can of SYLVA sold, we’ll donate 10p to The Kingston Women’s Centre to help them continue their important work in the area.

In addition, anyone that places an order on the webshop throughout April will have the option to donate to this charity at checkout.

All donations will go towards renovating the derelict garages owned by The Kingston Women’s Centre, who want to create a large, bright, and safe therapeutic space for women. The team currently offer low cost, long-term, one-to-one counselling, and psychotherapy to clients.

However, their ambition is to extend their support system to include even more services and activities such as art therapies, new mum groups, plus anxiety and survivors’ groups. This will broaden their offering so they can continue to support an even greater community of wonderful women. Every donation at our checkout will help make this dream into reality!

Want to find out why SYLVA celebrates International Women’s Day?

Known internationally as “air girl” for her parachuting exploits, Sylva Boyden is the inspiration behind the naming of this small but mighty IPA. In 1919, Ms. Boyden became the first woman to jump from a balloon wearing a parachute and the event happened in Richmond Park.

To honour the achievements of SYLVA and to celebrate this year’s International Women’s Day theme #ChooseToChallenge, Frankie, Ellie and Miranda from the TPB team brewed this punchy IPA on #IWD2021.

Read the full story about SYLVA in our blog here – it’s EPIC.

Plus, stock up on 330ml cans of SYLVA while you can.

We’re going in GQ Magazine!

Exciting news! We’re going to be featuring in GQ magazine’s May, June and July issues. As you may already be aware, GQ is the world’s leading men’s title so we are thrilled to be able to take part in this exciting campaign to boost awareness of the brewery.

Our feature kicks off GQ’s Premium SS’21 Campaign, in which we’ll be featuring in the May issue (on sale from 1st April). This edition will cover popular Spring collections and trends, providing the perfect inspiration for new purchases as the warmer weather approaches. This will be followed by the June issue (on sale 7th May) with highly anticipated fashion editorial coverage and more new projects and topical stories in the pipeline. Finishing off the SS’21 campaign will be the July issue (on sale 4th June), and we hope many of GQ’s readers will be taking this edition on their summer breaks, reading the magazine cover to cover looking for the hottest summer trends.

Find us in the “The Bar Tab” advertorial. We’ll be featured alongside a range of luxury alcoholic and soft drinks, snacks and treats that are well suited to GQ’s readers who will be buying themselves and their loved one’s gifts, tipples and nibbles for the SS seasons.

Each of the May, June and July GQ magazines will be available to buy in your local shop, or accessible online via their digital version.

Check out GQ online here.

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5 Litre Mini-Kegs Info!

It’s that time again, lots of kegs are flying out and we want to make sure you get the most out of them.  Here are some basic instructions and information regarding the mini -kegs.

Firstly a reminder that to max out the freshness, it’s best if these go out in bulk on FRIDAYS!!!!  Just in time for the weekend.  Please keep them chilled where possible and open within 7 days ideally.  Once opened best consumed within 3 days.

Mini-Keg Instructions

  • Leave upright
  • If possible store cool
  • To dispense beer pull out the red plastic tap on the side
  • Open vent on the top of the mini-keg
  • Pour beer
  • IMPORTANT!!! Close vent between pourings to ensure gas is not lost and to stop beer going flat
  • For extra information please see the QR code on the lid of the keg, which links to a demonstration video by the manufacturer and shows very clearly how to use them.

Hope you enjoy!  Any questions drop us a line: 


We’re celebrating International Women’s Day 2021 with a new beer: SYLVA.

It’s super hazy, with grapefruity flavours from the mass of hops (Amarillo, Galaxy, Centennial and Magnum) thrown in (our biggest hop bill to date) brewed on International Women’s Day (8 March 2021), by all three women in the business. We can’t wait for you to try it.

SYLVA is live on our webshop! 

How did we get its name?

This is a reference to Sylva Boyden – Air Girl. She was the first woman to dive 1000ft from a balloon with a parachute, and the event happened in Richmond Park. The date of that first jump (which changed her life and of women globally) was the 28 February 1919.

As reported by The Daily Chronicle, Sylva Boyden was “the first of her sex to hazard the experience” and was only 17 years old at the time. Sylva’s jump marked a key moment in the history of women and her feat was subsequently reported around the world.

How did Sylva get to wear a parachute?

Following the end of the First World War in November 1918, Richmond Park remained a busy place with a hospital, army camp, Royal Air Force (RAF) depots and continuing crop production. And at the beginning of 1919, the RAF’s Balloon Training Depot in the park was being used to carry out tests on various types of parachute.

Research suggests, Sylva Boyden was able to persuade the authorities to let her be taken-up in a balloon basket. Whether as one of the “experimenters” testing parachutes or as an unofficial drop, no-one is quite certain.

What’s more, research from the Hearsum Collection notes that for Sylva to be granted permission to jump, she lied about her age claiming to be a mature 21, and giving her grandmother’s name to avoid recognition.

Whatever happened, Sylva defied expectations of women of her time to become the first female to dive 1000ft wearing a parachute. Plus, she clearly had a talent and made three successful balloon jumps that day with a ‘Guardian Angel’ parachute.

For more than a century, International Women’s Day has been celebrated on 8 March, marking a day of advocacy for women’s rights and equality around the world. For 2021, the official theme is #ChooseToChallenge, offering a call-to-action to challenge the status quo, raise awareness against bias and celebrate women’s achievement.

What better way to celebrate International Women’s Day 2021 than with this fresh IPA inspired by a great woman who challenged the status quo of early 20th Century Great Britain!

Learn more about Sylva Boyden with the full research written by The Royal Parks Guild. Or, with Friends of Richmond Park.

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Image Credit: the Royal Parks Guild, Sylva Boyden
Image Credit: the Royal Parks Guild, Sylva Boyden

2021 New Beers

Happy New Year!!?

2021 is already proving to be an interesting one isn’t it?  A lot has happened in the last few weeks and none of it very pleasing, but luckily we’re not here to talk about any of that.  We’ll just stick to what we do – beer.

The wheels of the brew house continue to turn. In fact we’re launching 2 new beers in can this week!!

We have a Small IPA – Secret Sunrise being canned right now (Monday 25th Jan) and a Red Session IPA – Two Storm by the end of the week.  Look out for these little gems.  Secret Sunrise will be available on our web-shop from Tuesday 26th.

We’re continuing with home deliveries, free of charge within 5 miles of the brewery.  Nationwide deliveries are also free over £50.

Wishing you well as we all muddle through 🙂

Team PB







We did it!  We hit our stretch target within a week!  Our campaign has now closed.  We can expect to receive funds perhaps before the year is out, meaning we can hit 2021 RUNNING!

We’d like to take this opportunity to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU! to everyone who has believed in us and invested.  Our work is just beginning.

We hope to celebrate with you soon.


Frankie, Josh and Phil 🙂