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5 Litre Mini-Kegs Info!

It’s that time again, lots of kegs are flying out and we want to make sure you get the most out of them.  Here are some basic instructions and information regarding the mini -kegs.

Firstly a reminder that to max out the freshness, it’s best if these go out in bulk on FRIDAYS!!!!  Just in time for the weekend.  Please keep them chilled where possible and open within 7 days ideally.  Once opened best consumed within 3 days.

Mini-Keg Instructions

  • Leave upright
  • If possible store cool
  • To dispense beer pull out the red plastic tap on the side
  • Open vent on the top of the mini-keg
  • Pour beer
  • IMPORTANT!!! Close vent between pourings to ensure gas is not lost and to stop beer going flat
  • For extra information please see the QR code on the lid of the keg, which links to a demonstration video by the manufacturer and shows very clearly how to use them.

Hope you enjoy!  Any questions drop us a line: 

2021 New Beers

Happy New Year!!?

2021 is already proving to be an interesting one isn’t it?  A lot has happened in the last few weeks and none of it very pleasing, but luckily we’re not here to talk about any of that.  We’ll just stick to what we do – beer.

The wheels of the brew house continue to turn. In fact we’re launching 2 new beers in can this week!!

We have a Small IPA – Secret Sunrise being canned right now (Monday 25th Jan) and a Red Session IPA – Two Storm by the end of the week.  Look out for these little gems.  Secret Sunrise will be available on our web-shop from Tuesday 26th.

We’re continuing with home deliveries, free of charge within 5 miles of the brewery.  Nationwide deliveries are also free over £50.

Wishing you well as we all muddle through 🙂

Team PB







We did it!  We hit our stretch target within a week!  Our campaign has now closed.  We can expect to receive funds perhaps before the year is out, meaning we can hit 2021 RUNNING!

We’d like to take this opportunity to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU! to everyone who has believed in us and invested.  Our work is just beginning.

We hope to celebrate with you soon.


Frankie, Josh and Phil 🙂



Isabella Brown – NEW BEER LIVE NOW!

Somehow we’ve not had time to mention this stunning beer, which we’re more than happy with.  It’s nutty, fruity and with a slightly caramel hit. Perfect for the Autumn/Winter months.  Named after the Isabella Plantation in Richmond Park, a highlight particularly in the spring, when it bursts into life.  Available to purchase here

But don’t take our word for it, check this out!!

SCHÖNE EICHE – Available NOW!!

We’re on a roll, another new beer will be live on-site from FRIDAY 2nd OCTOBER-

See review here by Roger Protz on OUR Marzen and the history on this style – link HERE

Schöne Eiche is our first ever Marzen, a traditional Bavarian beer of choice for Oktoberfest – an amber lager.  This style is rarely brewed in the UK, which makes it all the more special.  Over 50% of the grist is made up of Munich Malt, providing a rich malty taste and a lovely amber colour.  Vienna malt gives it a biscuity base and of course, a lot of German Pilsner Malt.  All the hops used are traditional German hops, producing a mild bitterness.  There is depth and fullness plus a slightly sweet finish.

Schöne Eiche meaning Beautiful Oak in German, is a celebration of the many oak trees which adorn our park.  Nothing shows off their brilliance more, than the changing of the seasons.  National tree both here and in Germany.

We also must give two special mentions about the imagery used on our can. Firstly, to Tim Clifton who caught this amazing shot in Richmond Park.  ‘Red deer under red oak in autumn.’  Thank you for allowing us to use this picture which fitted in so perfectly with our autumn amber beer.

Secondly, we must thank the Friends of Richmond Park, without them we would never have found this picture.  It’s the main October image for this year’s Richmond Park calendar and the beautiful 2021 calendar, with 45 wildlife and landscape images, is now on sale from

Keep an eye on the web-shop.



Tread Lightly New BEER ALERT!!

Joining the amazing assortment of great beers, we have the return of one of our favourites, here’s the background-


A couple of years ago, we joined forces with Friends of Richmond Park to help promote a nature conservation campaign called ‘Tread Lightly’, which was launched to help protect London’s very own National Nature Reserve; Richmond Park. The campaign features a film from David Attenborough, which urges people to look after the park.  You can watch the film here

To spread the park love we launched a limited edition beer called ‘Tread Lightly’ with all ingredients from the UK, including hops from an Epsom garden thanks to Jackie and Chris, who not only grew the hops, but also helped pack the beer.  Legends.

Richard Gray, Chairman Friends of Richmond Park and film producer said, “it was a natural fit for us to team up with local brewer, The Park Brewery, to amplify the campaign’s messages and engage people at a local level. The Park Brewery has many loyal and local fans that we are sure will get behind our campaign and follow David Attenborough’s simple steps to take care of the park.”

Richmond Park is our heartland and we’re still delighted to be get behind a campaign to celebrate, and preserve its beauty. Given its name – Tread Lightly – has a low carbon footprint and a low ABV (3.2%).  It’s a session beer with delicate and subtle flavours and hints of tropical fruits. We hope to reinforce the key messages of the campaign and remind people to leave nothing behind and take nothing away when visiting the park.

The picture on the can, are the actual hops used in the brew and taken by Josh Kearns on the day they were harvested.

Tread Lightly will be on sale from 28th September 2020. It will be available from local independent bottle shops close to Richmond Park and on our webshop


We have a new beer out.  YES!  Going on-line here tomorrow and available for the weekend, here’s how it came about…

Sometimes all the bad news streaming in can feel pretty depressing.  We wanted some positivity around us.

At the height of lockdown, we found ourselves turning to Richmond Park more so than ever, for respite from the news and a break from the glow of screen-based home schooling.

During this time of reflection and inspired by the desire for customers to be able to imagine themselves in the sanctuary of the open air, we began experimenting with the new innovative location system  what3words. Bingo!   We located a spot with a very special combination of words /// and an idea for a new beer was formed.

Here it is, a Kveik IPA celebrating some of the best ingredients from around our lovely earth, and a new style for us. From Norway, Kveik (meaning ‘yeast’ in local Norwegian dialect) is an ancient strain of yeast, originally used in Norwegian farmhouse beers. It is super-fast and able to ferment at high temperatures. Wheat and oats create a rich, balanced smooth texture and then the beer is dry hopped with Galaxy from Australia, Nelson Sauvin from N.Z, Idaho 7 and Pekko from the US, which, when combined create a heady mix of fruity flavours including citrus, peach and passion fruit, as well as earthy and piney undertones. Yes, it’s hazy too.  We like it like that. have created an efficient mapping system, by dividing much of the world into 3×3 metre squares and giving each square three associated words thus pinpointing its exact location.  The words have been translated into 45 languages and are now utilised by emergency services as a means to help find and rescue those trapped in unpredictable or dangerous locations. There are over a million squares just in Richmond Park alone!  The Park Brewery is thrilled to work in tandem with what3words, to promote this new innovative system and celebrate the lifeline of the natural world, that has provided respite for so many of us, through these hard times.

/// urges you to take a moment to reflect on life’s simplest pleasures; a cold beer after a challenging cycle in the park, a picnic on a sunny day, or the chance to simply sit amongst nature wherever you may find it. Josh, once again is responsible for the image on the label, taken from the location itself. If you can’t make it to the spot in person, you can still take in the view. (Broomfield Hill – near Kingston Gate, Richmond Park).

Give it a try, sit back, relax and enjoy 🙂

Phantom in The Park

We’ve recently re-released our popular, Phantom Kolsch style lager, a clean, crisp and fruity beer – perfect for those stay at home, lazy summer afternoons.  This is a hybrid beer made with ale yeast and then cold stored.

Richmond Park played a key role in WW2.  A Special Recon Unit was set up, maintaining vital lines of communication from the front line to London.  Radios and motorbikes buzzed into action, stacks of equipment was brought into Pembroke Lodge and a huge amount of skilled workers were enlisted, not to mention, the 500 carrier pigeons, bringing messages to and from France.

Available to order in 440ml cans or 5L mini-kegs.  Please visit the SHOP